Cost to Produce Direct-to-Film Transfers

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Cost of making clothes

The cost of making clothes and DTF printing can vary depending on various factors such as the complexity of the design, materials used, size of the order, and the manufacturer's location. Below are some general cost estimates:


Cost of making clothes:

- Basic cotton t-shirt: $3-$8

- Polo shirt: $5-$20

- Hoodie: $10-$40

- Dress shirt: $10-$60


These costs may increase based on the fabric, customization options, labeling, and packaging requirements.

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Cost of DTF Printing

DTF printing is relatively new in the garment industry but has become quite popular. The cost of DTF printing varies based on the size and number of items, the colors used in the design, and the complexity of the design. The cost of DTF printing is typically higher than standard digital printing or screen printing but can be more cost effective for small quantities, multicolor designs, and detailed artworks. 

Here is a DTF print cost calculator. The real cost of printing transfers may be much higher than you think. DTF Cost Calculator 

Some printers charge based on the design size or per square inch, while others charge per item. On average, the cost of DTF printing ranges from $4-$15 per item. Overall, the cost of making clothes and DTF printing depends on many variables, and it is best to get quotes from various manufacturers and printing companies before finalizing the production or printing.

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Cost Calculation
If you are a production factory, the cost of making clothes will be much lower. Usually, a T-shirt costs only $1.50 to make. If you are not a factory that makes clothes, the wholesale price of solid color clothes is not very high, usually around $3 a piece of clothing.


If you are a home business, then buying a set of DTF printers is your best choice, the price of a set of 30cm DTF printer is between 3000USD and 6000USD. At present, DTF custom printing service is usually between 4$ and 15$ according to the size and color of the pattern. However, if you have a set of DTF printer equipment, the cost of a pattern is:

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0.2$ink cost + 0.1$powder cost + 0.2$film cost + own cost(free) = 0.5$ printing cost.

In a market where the average price of a DTF-printed T-shirt is $20, if DTF printing accounts for more than $5 of the cost, it will be difficult to make a profit. 

Moreover, the time cost is also an important factor, if you use DTF service on other sellers, they will have other order processing. So you have to wait in line for him to print and mail it to you. Usually, this time has taken you a week, and then you are producing and mailing to customers. If you own an A3 DTF Printer, its printing speed is 25m/h, which means you can print 84 patterns of 30cm in 1 hour. The time from placing an order to receiving the goods is cut in half.


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